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O light! Thank you, Albert.

"No love without a little innocence. Where was the innocence? Empires were tumbling down; nations and men were tearing at one another's throats; our hands were soiled... In the days of innocence I didn't even know that morality existed. I knew it now, and I was not capable of living up to its standard...

But in order to keep justice from shriveling up like a beautiful orange fruit containing nothing but a bitter, dry pulp, I discovered once more at Tipasa that one must keep intact in oneself a freshness, a cool wellspring of joy, love the day that escapes injustice, and return to combat having won that light. Here I recaptured the former beauty, a young sky, and I measure my luck, realizing at last that in the worst years of our madness the memory of that sky never left me.

This was what in the end had kept me from despairing. I had always known that the ruins of Tipasa were younger than our new constructions or our bomb damage. There the world began over again every day in an ever new light. O light! This is the cry of all the characters of ancient drama brought face to face with their fate. This last resort was ours, too, and I knew it now. In the middle winter I at last discovered that there was in me an invincible summer."

From the essay, Nuptials at Tipasa

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