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Power & Control- The HUMAN FACTOR

Front Range Splitfest brings together riders of all abilities to learn, share ideas and shred together. Following our weekday clinics focused on Terrain, Weather and Snowpack,

Saturday evening's marquee presentation affords event participants the opportunity to check in with the Human Factor.

The backcountry is always telling us a story. The outside of the classic avalanche triangle model presents us with three, objective focus areas- Weather, Terrain and Snowpack. These focus areas are objective and observable. When it’s snowing, we see it. When we find instabilities and weakness in the snowpack, we note them. We measure slope angles and recognize avalanche terrain via convexities, vegetative clues and likely trigger points. This is all very objective information. So if we can see all these problems and objectively call them out, why are riders still getting into trouble in the backcountry?

Because at the center of this triangle is us, the human.

HUMAN FACTORS and HUERISTIC TRAPS pose a serious challenge to backcountry splitboarders. Humans are emotional, ego driven creatures. We see what we want to see. We often do what we want to do. But in terrain of consequence, that’s a dangerous approach to staying alive in avalanche terrain.

Join Weston Backcountry athlete, professional educator and adventurer Michael Ackerman for a unique and humorous look into all the silly things we humans continue to do in the backcountry. This workshop is designed to challenge and push participants to cultivate new approaches and reflective mindsets in response to the human factor.

Michael began snowboarding in 1986-87 and it was his love of sliding on snow that led to a life in the mountains. Embodying over two decades of professional backcountry experience, expert technical skills and hard-earned wilderness wisdom, Ack has distinguished himself as a mountain guide, backcountry educator and splitboarding pioneer. From high-altitude, glaciated peaks of the greater ranges to remote, human-powered missions deep in Colorado’s San Juan mountains, Ackerman passionately shares it all with a warm smile, a healthy dose of humor and an unwavering devotion to the natural world.


"As you all know, hundreds of events across the country have been postponed or canceled due to the recent escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic. With that, the organizers of Front Range Splitfest and Weston have been monitoring the situation closely. The health and safety of participants as always are our main priority.

With this in mind, we have decided to cancel the majority of Front Range Splitfest 2020 activations including all events at the Headwaters Center including demos. We hope to still host the classes we had planned online and will offer free links on the FRSF website and social pages for those interested soon. We will be refunding all ticket purchases. For those of you that have sent raffle items, we can send them back or we can raffle them off at a later more appropriate date and donate proceeds to FOBP/AIARE." -Ben Hilley, Brand Experience Manager, WESTON SNOWBOARDS

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