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"Witness the Sickness!" Avalanche Avoidance Kung Fu

Recently, a good friend reminded me of the following videos from the Avalanche Geeks

In these videos, we observe Lucy and witness her attempts to educate Rocket and his steezy posse of bro brahs who like to dance with the big man in the white coat. Some classic quotes in this hillarious set of clips- Enjoy!

Video One

"We dance with the White's who we are!"

This first video addresses Terrain Recognition and the need for Avalanche Education

Video Two

"But it is sick, fat, knar, knar, blower powder!"

This second video deals with the concept of Human Factors

Video Three

"It's only starting to get rowdy in the powdy!"

The third video covers the utility & limitations of Daily Avalanche Bulletins & Danger Ratings

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