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Tour de Summertime

I had a beautiful and blessed summer. I was unfocused and I was adrift. It made for some wild days and even wilder nights. I climbed eighteen 14ers and biked over 800 miles of singletrack. I worked more than I wanted to. I climbed high peaks, bikepacked great distances, shot guns, scouted critters, read many books and ate lots of yummy food. I snuck into music fests, drank too much whiskey, destroyed puzzles and lived like a dirtbag in my truck. I’ve enjoyed the love and company of amazing individuals. I've felt tortured and alone.

Tour de Summertime has been one hell of a trip and I’m not going to archive it in words- l

I did very little writing for this blog. There will be no TR for July thru Labor Day- just these here pics. (click em' below)

With the benefit of time and a wider lens, clarity will develop.

The last three months have been rugged and raw.

Someday the story of this summer will make sense.

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