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1st Annual 4SAW

Four Corners Snow and Avalanche Workshop October 26, 2019

Silverton Avalanche School invites you to the 2019 Four Corners Snow and Avalanche Workshop (4SAW). 4SAW is a continuing education and networking opportunity for avalanche practitioners and recreationists in the mountains of Southwest Colorado, Northwest New Mexico, Northern Arizona and Southern Utah. The Four Corners Snow & Avalanche Workshop (4SAW) will address avalanche operations, current snow and avalanche scientific research, technical innovations, avalanche safety, and celebrating mountain culture. Talks cover research, education and how to apply new tools for the avalanche professional and backcountry enthusiast. 4SAW compliments the workshops held by Colorado Avalanche Information Center and Utah Avalanche Center and is sponsored by the American Avalanche Association. 4SAW is an opportunity to hear from leading avalanche practitioners and take the next step in your backcountry education.


Workshop Details

Our full-day educational workshop features a diverse set of speakers that are at the forefront of avalanche education and research as well as distinguished members of the outdoor industry. These leading experts will cover topics from snow science in Silverton Schools to INSTAAR’s groundbreaking San Juan Avalanche Project, learning Know Before You Go’s 5 simple steps to staying alive in avalanche terrain to the types of Psychological First Aid tools and skills available for those who deal with exposure and trauma on the mountain. Presentations will benefit all experience levels and attendees will gain new tools and knowledge beneficial to traveling safely and having fun in the backcountry.

With arguably the most avalanche-prone snowpack in North America, notoriously steep terrain, extreme avalanche-prone highway corridors, and endless recreational opportunities for backcountry skiers, snowboarders, snowshoers and snowmobilers, our region has long been a hotbed for the study of snow and avalanches. Hosting 4SAW in Silverton provides participants with an unparalleled opportunity to discuss pure and applied science together with the practical duties of avalanche safety and mitigation. Attendees will gain invaluable information from well-respected professionals that will build on past concepts and stimulate new ideas to further understanding of avalanches and backcountry terrain.

You’ll learn from and network with forecasters, patrollers, snow scientists, highway avalanche crews, search & rescue personnel, mountain guides, ski industry manufacturers, backcountry skiers & snowboarders, snowmobilers, avalanche researchers, and more.

2019 4SAW Speakers:

  • Craig Gordon: Utah Avalanche Center and Know Before You Go

  • Betsy and Richard Armstrong: University of Colorado and San Juan Avalanche Project

  • Starr Jamison: Survivors of Outdoor Adventures and Recovery (SOAR)

  • Sallie Barney: Silverton Public Schools

  • Jeff Deems: National Snow and Ice Data Center

  • Jake Hutchinson: American Avalanche Institute and American Avalanche Association

Stay tuned for more speaker announcements!

Topics Include:

  • Silverton Elementary School’s Study of Snow

  • Mountain Snowpack Monitoring

  • KBYG as Non-Traditional Education

  • San Juan Avalanche Project History

  • Psychological First Aid Tools & Resources

  • Preparing & Planning Backcountry Tours

  • Community Outreach & Education

  • Avalanche Rescue in Austere Environments

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