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Making Memories of the Now

“For a sport so present in the now, it’s the memories that make it important. Going fast through nature. Those long moments lost to a turn, and the feeling of flying when you are thinking of everything and nothing at the exact same time.”

-Peter Kray, The God of Skiing

We turned a corner this weekend with the final bit of programing for SAS coming to a close.

I didn’t think this ending would be felt so deeply.

I’m not sure it’s a season that’s ever going to end.

But Splitfest is usually the bookend I place at the end of my annual winter narrative.

And although I’ve got plenty more guiding and a big ol’ expedition to come.

I’m starting to see 18-19 as more of a memory than an experience in the present.

Fitting that April has been a return to big pushes on the road.

I’ve spent so much time living away from home this season- dwelling in Ouray, Silverton and on Red Mountain Pass.

Living anywhere but home.

Shredding through another two week push.

As has been the case, the skiing and climbing remain amazing.

I’ve tired of hearing myself say “all time”

There’s no one in the mountains.

Everyone’s on a bike and wearing flip flops in the desert.

Returning clients have felt such amazing success. It’s felt good to give them this gift.

New folks have had their mind blown. They’ll return for sure.

Which will continue to give me a steady supply of work and time away from home.

More private guiding this week.

May is so close. Alaska too.

I’m riding fast into the future.

Making more memories of the now.

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