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And the Beat Goes On...

I had a sneaking suspicion this might happen.

Those thoughts were confirmed Sunday morning:


For those of you who are just hearing about the crazy times up on Red Mountain Pass, here's the most recent Durango Herald article and a link to the Silverton Avalanche School's Facebook Page. Visit these pages and check out the powerful pics and video footage from the historic avalanche action we've experienced this past week in the San Juans.

So ColoRADo continues to experience one crusher of a winter. Historic avalanche conditions continue to keep us all on point.

With this past weekend's RMP based adventures canceled due to the closure, thoughts now turn to the upcoming week. The schedule is full- but we won't be heading to Red anytime soon. And that's okay....This mountain range is larger than the Swiss Alps. There's lot of terrific real estate we can turn our attention to.

So while snow and avalanche conditions remain dangerous, the soul turns remain off the hook. Hot buttered pow for all.

Be safe out there kids. We'll see you in the trees around Silverton!

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