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Born in the Backcountry


I'm fond of reminding folks that snowboarding is a sport born in the backcountry.

When I started riding back in the winter of 1986-87, very few ski resorts allowed this burgeoning pursuit. I picked up the sport as a way to extend my love of skateboarding into the winter months. I can recall many times riding the church ski bus up north, only to be told at the lift ticket window that snowboarding was not allowed at this resort- So naturally, the golf courses and local sledding hills of Boston's suburbs proved to be the perfect winter playground for early, off-piste adventures.

Once I discovered climbing and mountaineering in high school, there was no turning back- I was already accustomed to hiking for turns and now, with the addition of ice axe, snowshoes and crampons, I envisioned climbing up and sliding down all types of mountainous terrain.

So for me, snowboarding was always a backcountry pursuit. It was strange. It was different. It was removed from the more civilized, resort scene. No lifts, no patrol, no rules. And that fit this angry, anti-authoritative young man just fine.

(9th board from the left was my first ride) 87' Barfoot TwinTip Freestyle/Ernie DeLost pro model

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