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February- A Robust Operational Tempo

Lately, I wish I had more energy to share my words..

I wish I had more time to fuel the creative inside.

Lately, I’ve been up before the dawn, nursing cracked hands, a weathered face and a sore body. Wondering every morning where I am- a bed, a bunk, a paco on some living room floor?

Lately, I’ve enjoyed my life. Hitting it so dam hard every day.

How blessed am I to ski and climb and learn and love every day?

February is now over- what a fucking blur!

So much powder riding.

So many students and guests.

So much thinking and assessing and reflecting and recovering.

Lately, life has been a collection of non-stop bucket-list items.

Lately, any day would be the ride of a lifetime for most.

Lately, I want off this ride.

Lately I’ve been missing home.

Yearning for the precious warmth of my partners, people and place, my family, my food and the familiar.

I feel this is just another blog post where I make excuses for a reflection written in haste.

More excuses for not finding the time to share all that wells up inside of me during the day.

But it is what it is.

Lately, I’m incredibly tired.

Day after day of talking and serving and surviving.

Lately, I've got very little left in the tank to give to my writing-

so for now, I’ll share it through my eyes rather than my mouth.

Lately, it’s all in pictures.

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