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Harden Up and Push Out

Since turning the corner into 2019, I’ve taught one level two, two level ones, three avy rescue courses, led one special forces training, guided five, private ski days, enjoyed three personal ski days and slept in my own bed approx. four nights…..and it’s only the 22nd of January!

Upon hearing what I do for a living, many folks comment on how cool the job is.

And yes, it’s pretty fucking rad.

Yet, when you push this hard your body and mind inevitably feel pretty cached and the work doesn’t feel very sexy. Add in pass closures, SAR missions and fatalities in the backcountry and you’ll find yourself absolutely wasted. I’m not complaining- I’ll send this shit like I always do. But full disclosure, I’m a little beat up from such a robust start to the new year.

Which hopefully explains that lack of entries to this poor little blog year to date. I’m taking time today to get caught up and reflect upon the last three+ weeks. It’s hard to know where to begin so I’m just gonna write and see what comes out. I’ve got a separate entry I’ve drafted in response to the Senator Beck accident. And I can’t talk much about the military work. So I’m left thinking about this winter’s conditions…..which are and have been stellar.

It is true that the skiing has been off the hook. Each successive dumping has refreshed the San Juans and a 200 cm snowpack has been the norm- Will it last? Hard telling not knowing. But for now, we are all enjoying some of the best January turns we’ve experienced in a long time.

But you probably already know that. You’ve gone out and gobbled down that powdah for yourself. So I’ll just be selfish and talk more about me….

Physically, I’m tired but I still feel really strong. I’ve been skiing and climbing so much in deep snow that most days end with me feeling incredibly sore and racked out by 8pm. Rise, rinse and repeat day after day. I’ve spent mucho hours inhabiting the yurt, the lodge and the Triangle in Silverton. I’ve also felt incredibly blessed to be around a small band of close friends all busting their own asses this winter. I’m lucky to have these folks in my life. I’ve been so busy with work that I’ve had little time for a personal pitty party….but to be frank, the tears are there, right under the surface and I think my tribe is a little rocked by recent events.

No time for that shit now- the snow keeps falling. The schedule is full and there's a lot more to come. Harden up and push out.

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