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A White Christmas

Season's Greetings Shredders. Santa was incredibly good to us this year. After another Silverton based, Avy Rescue and Level One push, my holiday kicked off in earnest on Monday, the 24th. With over a foot of fresh snow above Camp Bird, I was beyond stoked at what was left under (around, and on top of) the tree.

After making the 3 mile trek into the Mt Hayden Backcountry Lodge, our team of elves rallied for some of the best powder we've skied in a while. We tee'd up amazing laps on the mini-golf course, dropping classic hole shots like>I Know You Ryder, The Wheel, Hoagland and finishing on the 5-star Main Street. The GPS notched a 7 mile, 3k day. Not bad for a Christmas Eve, post-work weekend schralp.

We woke up on the 25th, toured out to the observation platform and then dropped the two+ pitch Franklin's Tower to the road. The snow had consolidated ever so slightly but the turns remained yummy- We chowed down this tasty Christmas meal. Always a great time out there with EJ. If you don't have the MHBL in your crosshairs, sight it in now! The terrain, food & accommodations are unlike anything in the range.

Today's guests canceled on me so I get a chance at some laundry and computer time. There's two more storms on the heels of this Christmas event- And despite what I blogged last week, this will for sure be the last entry of 2018. Looks like powder turns thru the weekend which is a hell of a way to ring in the New Year. Go get some, snowflakes!

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