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Avalanche Rescue- 2019

Congratulations on completing your Avalanche Rescue Course.

You’ve made an excellent investment in you and your partners’ safety. But remember, these skills are perishable and you must constantly practice to remain competent and confident in these techniques!

In the want to support your ongoing avalanche education journey, I’ve assembled some very important materials below. There are many articles, videos, case studies and websites out there and I’d love to hear about new ones you discover! Check back often as I'm continually refining these selections.

Here are just a few of my favorite resources that I recommend for Avalanche Rescue participants:

IMPORTANT Organizations/Websites

American Avalanche Association

Know Before You Go

Colorado Avalanche Information Center

Silverton Avalanche School

American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education

International Commission for Alpine Rescue (ICAR)

Mountain Safety Project

Mountain Rescue Association

Friends of the San Juans

The Avalanche Hour Podcast

SLIDE-The Avalanche Podcast

Ack's Blog

Coop's WildSnow Page


Educational Resources

The Avalanche Encyclopedia

Avalanche Safety Tutorial

AIARE Video Library

Manuel Genswain Training Resources

Risk Acceptance in Backcountry Skiing


Companion Rescue

Micro Search Strips with Manuel

Manuel Genswain- Micro Search Strips

Safety Equipment and Rescue Training Videos

Avalanche Transceiver User Manuals- All Makes & Models!

3 function check

Organizing a backcountry rescue

Multiple Burials & Advanced Search Strategies

Transceiver Basics

Passing a Guide/Pro Transceiver Exam

Post Rescue Patient Care

How to Use an Emergency Rescue Sled

Select Case Studies and Rescue Videos- (Caution, these can be powerful & graphic)

Tunnel Creek Case Study

Rabbit Ears Case Study

550 Slide Case Study

Cherry Bowl Case Study

SAMs Slide Case Study

SAMs Slide Video



Birthday Chutes Video

A Dozen More Turns

Little Water Incident

A Sled rescue

Burial and Rescue- Swiss Video

cliff auger- scary in-bounds

French burial and rescue

Hatcher Pass near miss

Wolf Creek Near Miss Sled

Air Bag Mix

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