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Splitfest 2018 is in the books.

Going into the 7th Annual Silverton Splitfest, I was nervous about conditions.

The snow was melting quick and a huge Dust Storm on 4-12 smoked the Juans.

But mother nature gave us the gift of almost a foot of new snow Thursday into Friday.

It made for an amazing weekend of incredible riding. Thanks to all for joining me and Silverton Avalanche School at this annual gathering of the tribe.

What a blessed life we lead!

On Day One of the fest, SAS hosted our final Avalanche Rescue Clinic of the season- Dust was blowing and the winds were chucking. As I buckled my bindings to head down at 4pm, we got hit with a huge gust that clocked in at 70 mph at Putney.

On Friday, an amazing group of splitters joined Jasper, Courtney and I for a rad, Day Two beginner clinic. We got our butts kicked above treeline, got blower storm pow and first tracks on the milk run and finished the day in some amazing cold smoke in the casa trees. The turns kept getting better as it continued nuking on us all day. It dumped all night and we all knew Saturday was going to be off the hook! We finished the day with an awesome presentation back at Kendall Mtn. from local CAIC forecaster Jeff Davis.

It was tough to sleep Friday night knowing how good Saturday's conditions were going to be. Another powder day in April- keep dismissing this season, fools!

I had a rocking group and the conditions did not disappoint. We pulled off one of my favorite RMP loops- the OH PRO POW tour and finished with big smiles, three big descents and just over 9 miles on the odometer.

This was the first time I was going to run four straight days of programming at Splitfest. To be frank, I was toasted Sunday. Plus the snow had changed from Saturday blower to Sunday corn. It was time to rally and step up for another advanced day tour. Up to Prospect and a morning descent off the ridge. Up R3's massive south face and back to the boiler and then a final ascent up to Putney. Strapping in, we shredded the pipe, dropped the Casa Path and hit CR 14 back to the TH. The team slayed it. I was crushed. Our 7 mile tour was a fitting way to end the 7th Annual Silverton Splitfest!

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