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Stepping Out

I've waited all winter to step out.

This has not been the season to go large....That is, until now.

Finally made it up to Camp Bird last week to step out into some lines that I've eyed all year.

It's funny, some seasons you wait and it never happens.

Some seasons, you sneak in your entire list.

If there was one line I wanted this year, it was the Hidden Treasure.

Ever since EJ suggested it back in November, I wanted this booty. We claimed it on Thursday and snuck in a late day Waterfall- "a mellow ending to the day"

There's never a dull moment skiing with Eric.

Left Gut was left for later. Waterfall is done for the season. Feeling blessed by it all.

Final Silverton Based Level One followed the slaying.

Although the rest of the world gave up on winter, this season has actually been pretty darn good.

Yes, it started slow and may not last long into May...but my students and clients have been stoked. And shhhhhhhh, don't tell- the conditions off-piste are downright rad right now.

Nothing like completing the OH-POW tour on the final day of an L1 to drive that point home- way to get it done SAS!

Are you ready for Splitfest? I can't contain my stoke for the 7th Annual gathering of the tribe- I'll keep working on the list. We'll see you there!

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