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Keep the Faith, SnowKids

Don’t give up on winter yet!

How many times have I uttered that phrase this season?

2017/18 will be one I’ll remember for quite some time:

December was canceled.

January was sluggish.

February provided us the love.

March is still unfolding.

April is gonna be rad!

Despite the negative attitudes and disappointment I continue to hear from folks regarding this winter’s lack of snowfall, I have experienced a pretty good season of turns.

It’s been wild watching the story unfold. Winds, warmth and La Nina have all lent themselves to a wild narrative this season.

But winter is far from done. I know it’s hard to believe as you continue to ride your bikes down low. But there’s still more to come- Trust me!

J. Givens from Durango Snow Lovers is still hopeful for more- although he's calling for "table scraps" with this week's AR event.

Solid riding and climbing exists up high. And there’s more precip in the forecast so I remain hopeful and vigilant.

I got blown off Commodore ridge on Thursday...Disser swooped up the goods in Grand Daddy Friday AM....bless his heart.

The Center for Snow and Avalanche Studies will continue to report on 17/18 events. Check out the monthly recaps here-

Avy Courses are finished at San Juan Mountain Guides for the season. Man those new yurts up on RMP are rad!

Now it’s time for some righteous ski mountaineering expeditions and private days I'm on the books with guests into May- Let's hit lofty summits and big lines!

Avalanche Education courses out of Silverton Avalanche School continue, albeit those are winding down too.

7th Annual Silverton Splitfest is coming up fast. Never been? You are missing's a quick look at the Hx of the event.

It’s gonna be an absolute blast! Lisa and Klem at Venture Snowboards continue to support the tribe in so many great ways.

I'll be teaching the final, one day Avalanche Rescue Course of 17/18 and guiding both an intro and advanced day as part of the festival. These clinics have been well attended and incredibly fun in past years. Sign up quick!

Hit me up friends and we’ll see you out there, off-piste in the amazing backcountry of the San Juan Mountains.

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