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AVALANCHE JUMP KIT for Professionals

Military units, tactical law enforcement teams, special ops, SAR squads and helo outfits, I find myself doing more and more alpine and avalanche trainings for these groups.

Often, forays into the mountains are but one slice of a much larger mission menu. Unlike a professional backcountry guide who is “out in the business” every day, these professional operators must be well versed in a variety of environments and response strategies.

Often, significant time may pass between a team’s experiences in the alpine. So I wanted to generate a list of resources that these groups can keep on hand so that when it’s time to dispatch up high, they can quickly calibrate and focus their mindset for backcountry missions above treeline.

A huge thank you goes out to these heroes who selflessly respond when others can’t or simply won’t. Let me know what you’d add or subtract from this list. It’s an honor training with you.

Basic Avalanche/Alpine/Backcountry Jump Kit-

(in addition to your Personal Go Gear and PPE….)

Essential Kit

ABS Pack (40L+) with Shovel/probe/transceiver (batteries should not be stored in unit)

Skis/splitboard with skins and crampons

medical, survival and repair kit.

Analog backups- map/compass/non digital checklists

Snow Saw, Snow crystal card and Inclinometer

Proper fitting boots/insoles, winter layers, goggles

hydration and nutrition supplies, hot brew, sunscreen/chapstick

Harness, 3 locking carabiners, RAD System

Brooks Rescue Sled

Emergency Shelter

Emergency Bivy

JetBoil stove system

Add Additional Mission “Tools & Resources” for

WildMed,Triage & LZ prep

LEO/Military: Mitigation,Suppression,Apprehension, Extraction (you know what’s best here!)

Essential Checklists

AIARE’s Decision Making Framework & Coms Checklist

AIARE Field Rescue Card

AIARE Blue Book with mechanical pencils & all-weather cover

1 set of Brooks Range Guide Cards & All-Weather Cover

WildMed Field Book

Essential Tech

GPS and Personal Locator Device (InReach or SPOT device)

Radios- for field to field and ground to air coms

Cell phone w/ solar charger/spare batteries

Tactical Lighting w/ spare batteries

Apps- Caltopo, & GAIA, (great article on the interface/utilization of these two together)

Guidepace (easily figure out your Munter math)

Wild Med Digital Handbook & Digital SOAP notes


Helo specific- consider the O’Bellx/DaisyBell systems

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