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The Dude Abides

​​And (s)he finally obeyed the calendar and honored us with a righteous dump.

CAIC has put out the first Avalanche Watch for the season today. (sucks I gotta roll some mountain passes)

This weekend was the first Venture Snowboards Splitboard Specific Level One of 2018. A good time was had by all but there was some hard driving and difficult weather to contend with.

Micracously, one of my co-instructors spun off the road on the way up to Red Mountain Pass and totaled her truck- rolling and flipping her truck off the side of 550 almost 1,000ft down to the trees above the creek. HOLY SHIT!

Students came upon her as she was climbing her way back up the steep slope to the road. How she walked away from this wreck is beyond me. The most dangerous road in the contiguous keeping it real as always.

I barely had enough road and viz to make it down late Saturday afternoon...

Sunday was a completely different story- What a difference a day makes!

First legit bluebird powder day of 2018! Here are some highlights from the course:

Venture Snowboards and SAS is sponsoring a second, splitboard specific L1 in March. And the dude is slated to abide through the remainder of the week.

So Stoked for it All!

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