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February Snow is Here!

Last week, I had to teach height of snow measurements using a patio table....albeit the class was in downtown Durango, but it is February!

Just when I was starting to get nervous about another week of melt, we got crushed on RMP yesterday. More in store for this weekend-Remember, this is a large load on a shitty pack; Wide margins and conservative mindset people.

Here are the final storm totals from the past two days: 24 hr snow/h2o equiv 2-day Storm Total snow/h2o Monument 2"/.25" 14"/1.15" RMP 3.5"/.4" 13"/.95" Molas 1” / 0.1” 5”/.5" Coal Bank nil 5”/.6”

Francine in her element- RMP 2/6/18

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