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A boy can dream...

Heartbreak Ridge- the massive ridge of high pressure positioned over the Western US was forecast to weaken last week. With this, winter was expected to nudge it's way into the mountains. I knew the alpine was poised to get dumped on and I was expecting a few inches in-town in DGO....I packed a light bag for some early morning skin laps on Chapman Hill.

But when I awoke at 4am and peaked outside, it was clear that Sunday would be another day of mountain biking. Nothing happened here. RMP picked up 6-8 inches and that's where I should be...with clients finishing up Day 3.... But another L1 canceled this weekend- so here I am down low, with no snow, dreaming of winter.

Instead of being greeted by the white stuff, I was greeted by this article in the Denver Post this AM.

Colorado snowpack worst in more than 30 years in some areas leaving water suppliers on high alert

from the article:

"Colorado mountain snowpack shrunk to record-low levels this week, raising concerns about water supply, and some federal authorities calculated even big late snow — if it falls — may not make up for the lag.

"Survey crews have measured snow depths in southwestern Colorado at 22 percent of normal..."

"Colorado natural resources officials plan to review “emerging drought conditions” next week. While most of Colorado currently is classified as abnormally dry, areas of the Western Slope are officially in drought."

"But the Colorado mountain snowpack that feeds the nation’s main rivers hasn’t been this paltry statewide in the more than three decades since systematic measuring began, U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service snow survey supervisor Brian Domonkos said."

“There’s definitely concern,” he said. “Can we count on a big spring dump to save us at this point? No, I certainly wouldn’t count on that.”

“The current situation does not look good. However, we still have more than half our snowpack accumulation season remaining. There’s the opportunity for change,” he said. “But it is not very likely we are going to make up the deficit and get back to normal in spring when it comes to snowpack.”

I encourage you to read the article in its entirety. I remain positive about the forecast for this week.

And if you're interested, here's where to go for historic winter storm data:

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