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Prospect Ridge Wind Slab

The 4 inches we got up on Red Mountain Pass Wednesday night/Thursday was blown into a P hard 43 cm wind slab on Sat. night.

I was living up high with Level One students, bivying at the Captain Yurt and we rode out three distinct pulses of 70+ mph winds within the greater storm. Winds at Putney remained steadily above 50 that night.

​Coming into this weekend's course, I had no idea if we could facilitate snowpit curriculum safely- turns out, the students got some great obs.

We were able to climb to above 12k, to the southern edge of Prospect Bowl's corniced ridge, and dig a 153 cm snowpit on a 27 degree, East facing slope. The sky was clear, temp was 21F, winds were 3-5 West w/ Gusts 15> No BloSno No Precip

Below is a video of our obs

Merry Christmas and Stay Safe Out There!

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