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A White Christmas?

I've mentioned my affinity for Durango Snow Lovers before.

Jeff's update on Thursday is giving me reason to hope.

12/7/17 Thursday 4 am

Everyone is asking when it will snow. If you look back through history big storms in November are nearly non-existent. Big storms in December have happened and are usually memorable, but they are not as common as you think, in fact going back to 1991, there were 12 years we had a total of 10 inches of snow or less for the entire month of December.

Here are some highlights: 1999 .01", 1998 .07", 16 1.5",05 3.6", 95 4.4", 03 4.8", 00 5.0".

I could go on but you get the idea, in all 12 years of <10", 12 years >10" 2 years they missed measurements.

I personally would much rather get this persistent ridge pattern over with now, have the ridge break down right around Christmas with the cold air in place and let the storms track in. Yes, these measurements were in town not in the foothill/mountain areas and I realize that most areas above 7400' are used to more snow than we have had so far this year. I still think it is going to come after the 20th, I am watching modeling of a bowling ball storm come through the southwest starting about 23rd, if this keeps up it would make for a nice Christmas storm! Models have no doubt been struggling, this cold has been further west than they predicted, a slight warm-up still looks likely going into next week, but as I have said anything is really possible after the 15th.

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