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The Happy Hostel

With a glut of VRBOs, slope side condos and exclusive tourist resorts in this neck of the woods, where's a traveler on a budget to spend the night?

​​You shouldn't have to survive on saltines and ketchup packets from Telluride to afford your vacation in the San Juans. Too many of us have chosen to weather negative temps and deep snows up on the pass in our vehicles to save a buck. I say no longer!

If the price tag for local lodging has you more scared than that crux pitch or gnarly descent , fear not my skiing shredding, hunting, fatbiking, alpine looping, 4x4ing, horseback riding, snowshoeing, hot springing friends! Nestled in this forest of overpriced and inappropriate accommodations is a true gem for all your overnight stays. The basecamp for cost minded adventurers is Ouray's Happy Hostel

I'll let Liz tell you the story of her hostel when you stay there. But please know there's no one more welcoming of the mountain tribe than the Happy.

From the Hostel's Homepage:

Rooming Options

Ouray Hostel consists of two shared bedding rooms and one private.

Can host solo guests in one of four beds in either room, groups needing the whole place, and everything in between.

Two shared rooms consist of two queen sized beds.

Private room has a queen bed with a locking door and private toilet for more of a hotel experience.

Both options have access to onsite laundry and kitchen facilities.

In addition to cheap rates, a killer vibe and a warm bed, the Happy Hostel is conveniently located 28 steps from the Ouray Brewery. And being the mountain bad ass that she is, (yes that's her fat-unicycling in the snow) Liz is happy to provide you with a plethora of local beta adding even more value to your stay. Additional relevant info- the hostel is for cost minded adventurers so you'll have to pay the 2$ for a shower at Town Pool- but you can also soak there too. Social and well mannered pets are also allowed.

The Deets:

The Ouray Happy Hostel

Ouray Hostel

308 6th Ave

Ouray, CO



We'll See You in the Juans!

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