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Winter struggles

​As we've seen in these Early Season Snow Observations the 2017/18 winter has struggled to kick in here in the San Juans. Temps have remained above normal and precipitation events have been a bust so far. This story has repeated itself across the American West with a few notable exceptions like Tahoe and Jackson Hole. If your in one of those locations, you're psyched.

For the rest of us, there's always the hope of another storm on the horizon.

You can follow this season's story each day via remote SNOTEL site data presented via OpenSnow

I clung to the hopes this past weekend's Fx would finally bring us snow and I climbed into the mountains Sunday to be there for the event.

But it was a dud. More dust on death.

So it is with particular disgust that I greeted the most recent NOAA projections.

In summary, I've climbed for winter and found it here in the Juans. But it'll be nice when mother nature finally throws the switch and we start piling up the white stuff more consistently across the range.


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