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Welcome to the 2017-2018 Snow Season

Happy Thanksgiving

I’m grateful and appreciative you found your way here. It’s been snowing off an on in the San Juans above 12k since September.As we enter the 2018 backcountry season, I wanted to take a moment to reflect upon proper preparations for snowier times. Now is the time to ready yourself for winter!

I've trying to consolidate past/present/future reflections into this new blog. Folks have enjoyed these resources and there's a lot to add with all the "unpublished" writing I did last year. I'm hustling to get that media uploaded. In the meantime, I'd like to highlight some particular entries I think you might like/find useful.

Be sure to read Pre Season Prep

Backcountry travelers are wise to follow the snowfall story in the mountains. From the beginning! Early Season Snowpack is what we build our winter on. Are you thinking about the current scenario playing out in your Home Turf?

Here in the San Juans- we've had events followed by considerable melt on most aspects/elevations BUT full on winter on certain NW-N-NE faces NTL/ATL....hopefully the post helps clarify your thinking. I know these Early Season Snow Field Obs from the 550 corridor are going to be essential come January.

There's a tremendous amount going on in the Avalanche Education world this season. The Pro/Rec Split is here. Do you know what this means for you? And if you're new to avy ed, are you aware of CURRENT EVENTS and LOCAL OPPORTUNITIES for training and certification?

I've thoroughly enjoyed teaching the Know Before You Go Avalanche Awareness classes for the Friends of the San Juans. And I'm super stoked to pilot a new L1 product this winter, The Community Format Level One Avalanche Course.

At the end of trips, I share some final thoughts with students.

Here's my most often shared pieces of post-course wisdom.

There's much more on the way in the current days/weeks. Please stay tuned and say hi!

...and THINK SNOW.

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