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There's a zone deep in the heart of Russia where arctic air masses consistently bring early, heavy snowstorms and the snowpack can reach 2 meters depth by December. Where once a day a suburban passenger train plows its way to reach our remote village destination. Where even the steepest of roofs are stacked with snow - everything literally buried. Where the endless mountains that surround promise pillow lines, lanes through steep trees, and guaranteed faceshots. Where at night we refresh with a traditional banya and enjoy classic homemade dinners like pelmeni (dumplings) and borsch. And where, of course, the vodka flows like water. This is Siberia by Shred Train. Join us this December to get your deep pow fix while the snowflakes are just starting to stack up back at home.

* I'll be guiding this trip in collaboration with my local partners at 40 TRIBES

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