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I am an educator, adventurer and storyteller from Colorado’s Western Slope. I embody over two decades of professional experience, expert technical skills and hard-earned wilderness wisdom. I am one of the preeminent adventure guides, backcountry instructors and outdoor educators based in the American West. I specialize in training elite teams and pushing experienced leaders to excel in challenging and austere environments while maximizing logistical efficiencies, tactical advantage and strategic excellence. 

I am Deputy Director of Silverton Avalanche School, the nation’s oldest avy ed program. I am a professional member of the American Avalanche Association(A3), veteran Course Leader, Instructor and former national trainer for the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education. I am a volunteer trustee on the Board of Directors for the Friends of the San Juans and I am the Habit Watch Advocate for Backcountry Hunters and Anglers in the San Juan National Forest.

I pursued my formal education at Prescott College, Fort Lewis College and Harvard University. I've completed PTW 1 & 2 with A3, AIARE Level Three, Instructor and Course Leader training and AMGA TRSM and Ski Guide courses. Since receiving my BA in Adventure Education in 1999, I've worked as a rock, mountain, splitboard and river guide, professional ski patroller, avalanche educator, wilderness medicine trainer, SAR technician and collegiate faculty member. 


I’ve embraced a decades long career as a professional mountain guide, affiliating myself with a select cadre of the best outfitters in the nation. I annually lead ski mountaineering adventures, off-piste alpine tours, split-board missions, high altitude expeditions, hut trips, backcountry climbs, skills and safety clinics, both domestically and abroad. 

As a sno pro, I facilitate all levels of avalanche education in the United States. In addition to teaching recreationalists and professionals, I design and lead seminars and certification courses for search and rescue, tactical, industrial, mining, transportation, military and law enforcement groups. A longtime backcountry athlete, I enjoy representing, conducting product research, testing and designing clothing, gear and equipment for a myriad of manufacturers and sponsors. I continue contracting out as a safety officer, rigger, medic and logistician for action sports media projects and remote film and TV productions.

When I'm not in the field, I can be found producing digital art; utilizing writing, photography, audio and video pieces to share my story and the stories of others. 

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